The Handmade Pasta


Different shape, different taste. Every colour tells a different story!

From traditional gnocchi to classical half-moon ravioli and our gourmet chocolate pasta creation, we never compromise on quality. Italian Chef Artisans offers the best Italian handmade pasta – 100% Australian Ingredients, snap-frozen, all natural, no preservatives.


Follow your taste! It’s a flavoursome travel!

The Best Italian Handmade Pasta

100% Australian Ingredients

Snap frozen, all natural, no preservatives

Ricotta & Spinach

400 GR

Fresh ricotta cheese with chopped spinach plus Grana Padano cheese. This is green pasta, full of tasteful simplicity.

Potato & Ricotta

400 GR

Our gnocchi is distinguished by its soft, fluffy texture. It’s made traditionally using an ancient recipe; Desiree potato and flour with a touch of ricotta cheese make a smooth and soft bite. Discover one of the most famous Italian pastas in the world.

Fish & Crab

400 GR

One of our gourmet creations, classic Tortelli  is yellow egg pasta filled with the finest royal crab and white fish. With a fresh taste of aromatic herb, it’s perfect for all your seafood dinners.


400 GR

Traditionally from Mantua, in northern Italy, this is the sweetest version of ravioli. Let yourself be seduced by the taste of pumpkin and Grana Padano cheese. Love at first bite.


400 GR

Made just how “Nonna” taught us, Tagliatelle is one of the most classical pastas of Bologna.

Chocolate Duck

400 GR

Here’s a gourmet combination between cocoa and duck. Brown Tortelli, blended with slow cooked duck. It’s one of the signature dishes of our restaurant, served with mushroom sauce, cream and parmigiana, and truffle sauce.


400 GR

A symbol of the city of Bologna, this historical Italian dish has become famous all over the world.  It’s a real Tortellini filled with a mix of meat. A typical Christmas main course, served with chicken stock soup, butter and parmigiana, cream and Napoli sauce……

The Original

400 GR

Lasagne, (singular lasagna) are wide, flat-shaped pasta, and possibly one of the oldest types of pasta. “Lasagne”, or the singular “lasagna”, commonly refers to a dish made with several layers of lasagne sheets alternated with sauces and other ingredients, such as meats and cheese.


A new kind of pasta will be released soon.

Talking about pasta our thoughts go to tradition, to the remembrance of ancient recipes. We’ve carefully resumed and revisited them, always keeping the original and authentic taste that makes our pasta so good.