Simone Garusi

Simone Garusi’s passion for food started in Italy when he was very young, under the influence of his grandparents. He lived with them on their farm near Mantova. This is surrounded by the regions of Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, and Veneto, each known for growing some of the best produce in the world. Growing up on a farm, Simone learned how to work with food in its natural state and to prepare it in many different ways. He recalls eagerly jotting down ingredients and proportions as his grandmother cooked some of his favourite childhood meals.

Aged 14, Simone took his fascination with cooking to the professional kitchen. His love of all things culinary is apparent, and he likes to start with the basics – having worked as a butcher, for instance, he is very knowledgeable about different cuts of meat. Be it watching him preparing a lasagna or hand-made tortellini, or simply seeing his eyes light up when he talks about food, it is obvious that this is his calling in life. He has travelled the world, working in some of its finest restaurants and finally landing in Melbourne where he met his lovely wife Roberta. After open and sold a successful restaurant with tradional dishes from Italy he decide later on to become a pasta artisan.


Roberta is no stranger to hospitality. She also was just 14 when she began working at the famous Mario’s restaurant, whose founder was her great-grandfather, Mario Vigano. Mario’s operated with great success in Melbourne for 65 years (1932 – 1997) and like Simone, Mario Vigano also came from northern Italy. So with Simone and Roberta’s rich cultural heritage, and strong tie to the past – and an eye for the future – Italian Chef Pasta was born.