Chocolate Duck Tortelli

Chocolate Duck

A signature dish from our old restaurant, it’s perfect in a combination of mushroom sauce. Here’s how to make that sauce: Put in a large pan one clove of garlic with a spoonful of chopped onion in two spoons of butter, let the veggie become golden on a low flame. Then add 200gr of wild mushroom, brown mushroom or Porcini to 50gr of white wine plus 100 gr of veggie stock, and let your mushroom cook over a low flame, adding salt and black pepper. Now put your tortelli (which is a ready cooked) in the pan, add another 100 gr of veggie stock – plus a spoonful of butter and one handful of grated parmesan cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano), and a touch of chopped parsley… Again, enjoy!

Preparation - 10 Minutes 0
Cooking Time - 15 Minutes 0