About Us


When the fresh Australian high quality products meet the expert hands of an Italian artisan, born the dream to make people experiencing the real taste of the handmade pasta, symbol of the Italian cuisine.

This is a story of passion and tradition.

A story written with expert hand, that tells you the love for the pasta.

Italian Chef Artisans is the gourmet pasta that you can enjoy every day, discover the chef that is in you, experience the real taste and follow your passion.

This quality is reached after a long experience in the pasta making side, we are artisans and chefs from generation.Our adventure in Australia started with the restaurant Italian Chef, in chapel street, and now we choose to become the best pasta in Melbourne.

To achieve that objective we work with some of the best restaurants of the city and we sell our products around Farmers Market and gourmet Delicatessens.

Italian Chef,  for the Pasta Lovers.